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Q: We need a sieve machine to sieve powder and can you please recommend the best type of machine for this application?

A: Please provide the following information to help us recommend a right unit for you:

  1. Material to be processed?
  2. Using purposes: to grade or to remove dusts?
  3. Granule size of the materials? (Or mesh number)
  4. Moisture content if any?
  5. Granule size proportion if possible to get?
  6. Capacity (tons or kg or litter per hour or day)
  7. Local power supply (voltage and frequency)


Q: We found out the voltage supply is only 220V and our voltage requirement is 440VAC, could you please offer us those?

A: Yes, we can offer machines with any voltages and frequencies existing on the earth.


Q: we would like to know if your unit can be dismantled from two (2) decks to one (1) deck if wanted to operate one screen only considering that the operation of your unit is still the same.

A: Yes our unit can be dismounted from 2 decks to one deck as you require, sure, our unit will keep the same operation.


Q: Our R/D guys ask about the possibility of using S/S 316 for product contact area. Can you do it?

A: Yes, we can. Normally we use SUS304 for product contact area, but S/S 316 and carbon steel are also available, prices are different as material changes.