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Gyrating screener application in Activated Carbon industry

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Most clients have a problem in screening of activated carbon industry,

that’s cant get high precision of some required partical size activated carbon.

As we know, the bulk density of activated carbon is about 0.5 g/cc, too light,

if you want to get the fine granual carbon, and dont want to break the shape of carbon,

so we introduce our ZYFY model Gyrating screener for your reference.

some required partical size activated carbon.

More info. Can be visited:

Inspection port of vibrating screen machine

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In operating of vibrating screen, it often need inspection of mateiral stock etc.

So we often add the inspection port on the machine.

There are 2 questions as following:

1. How many inspection ports can be add?

This is mainly According to the end user’s requiryment.

Also the size of vibrating screen machine. Usally more bigger machine(diameter 1500~2000mm)

can use much inspection ports.

2. Where can be added inspection ports?

On the Dust cover and screen frame.

3. What’s size of inspection ports?

200~100mm diameter round hole.

More info. Can be refered to the following picture.

Special design ---the feeding inlet and discharge outlet vibrating screen machine

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Under contaction with our end user, they often need special design

for they required machine by our engineer, today we will discuss about

the feeding inlet and discharge outlet of vibrating screen machine as following:

Before this part, Kindly notify every end user can supply the whole production line for our reference.

You can see the following picture of discharge outlet:

Feeding inlet special design

Training in Alibaba

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We got a meaningful training in Alibaba yesterday.

It taught us some useful knowledge and

how to better operate in Alibaba website. Great!!!