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Spray device in the vibrating sieve machine

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For some material need wash in the sieving operating, we can add the spray device.

A: Rotary vibrating screen/ filter

1.the top of feeding cover

2.S/S tube pipes welding on the inside of feeding cover, and so many small water holes on the pipe.

B Linear type vibrating screen

1.Discharge outlet side

2.Feeding inlet side (1)

3.Feeding inlet side (2)

There are 3 group water spray devices, one is clean washing water, one is return washing water, the other one is ozone water for disinfection.

We are mainly according to the water amount, then can choose different size of nozzles.

What’s material of circular vibro sieve?

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Different application, we often use different material of vibrating sieve machine.

There is often have the following material for reference:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic

A: Stainless steel

We often use POSCO Brand stainless steel 201, 304, 316L as raw material.

And most of machinery use Stainless steel 304.

2 kinds of machinery can be refereed. One is fully stainless steel. Other is contacting feeding material part by stainless steel, other part by carbon steel.

fully stainless steel

contacting feeding material part by stainless steel, other part by carbon steel.

Stainless steel standard model with diameter 400,600,800,1000,1200,1500mm in our factory at present.

B: Carbon steel

We use the high quality Q235A carbon steel

1.Carbon steel .

2.Plastic standard model with diameter 400,600,800,1000,1200,1500,1800,2000mm in our factory at present.

C: Plastic

Mainly for the feeding material which can’t touch the metal product( stainless steel or carbon steel).

1.The contacting feeding material part by polypropylene ( PP), other part can be stainless steel 304 or carbon steel.

2. Screen mesh can be nylon.

3.Plastic standard model with diameter 800mm and 1000mm in our factory at present.

Nitrogen device in the vibrating sieve machine

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Some feeding material is easy oxidizing in the operating, So feeding nitrogen or other inert gas is well prevent from the explosion.

A. Rotary vibrating sieve

Often add the nitrogen device on the feeding part of vibrating sieve machine---dust cover

There is value for feeding nitrogen on the feeding cover. Diameter 1000mm with 1 layer.

This part is the other side of feeding cover for nitrogen device. Evenly covered with a lot of feeding nitrogen holes.

As usually, it is better you help us confirm what’s the nitrogen amount?

B. Linear vibrating screen

Also design the nitrogen device in the feeding part, but it is a little difference compare with round type screen machine, Trajectory of feeding materials in Linear screener is straight forward, we must fully consider nitrogen cover in the inside of screener.

6 nitrogen holes in this linear vibrating screen machine. 6 discharge outlet in this machine.

The size of linear vibrating screen is width 1000mm and length 2500mm, 3 layers.

Normally, the hole size is main according to the feeding nitrogen amount, the quantity hole is from the quantity of discharge outlet.Often required by clients.

Only 1 hole for using in our clients factory, sieve the aluminum-magnesium alloy powder in dynamite, Decks of 3 layers, capacity at 100~200kg/h.

Sieving machine that can sieve waste wood as fuel !

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Rotary drum screen can be used as sieving machine that can sieve waste wood.

This machine 's oscillating movement is rolling up and down, we are sure the wood will not broken in the sieve.

If we consider of tumbler or rotary type screener, the oscillating movement is also in the plane, so it is not good for the sieving wood.

The waste wood with particles about 1~100mm, and the capacity can be 1~20 CBM.

Also we can help you design the feeder machine and product conveyor machine.